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The site you are currently visiting is my work website, designed to give you some information about my past and present work.

In 2008, I termed out of the California state legislature after eight years in the Senate and six years in the Assembly.  Throughout 2009, I was a member of the California Integrated Waste Management Board.  In 2010, I began a new project, Kuehl Consulting, and was pleased to be asked to serve as the Founding Director of the Public Policy Institute at Santa Monica College, as well as producer and host of eight Legacy television shows detailing the history of the city of West Hollywood, and co-author of "Safe At School", a policy white paper addressing how to keep schools safe for LGBT youth, produced for the Williams Institute at UCLA Law School. In 2010 and 2011, former Assembly Member Patty Berg and I co-facilitated a new Institute For Elected Women: California, bringing together over fifty former women Senators and Assembly Members to conduct trainings for women newly elected to the State Legislature.  In 2011, we began to offer the model to a number of other states.  

Also in 2011, I continued my tenure as Director of the Public Policy Institute at Santa Monica College, where we established the only AA in Public Policy awarded at a California community college, and where we presented six new community programs on current issues in public policy.  I also continued as the host of "Get Used To It", a national cable show, originating in West Hollywood, on LGBT issues and people.  I began work with Planned Parenthood of California, helping to develop legislation expanding access to early, non-surgical abortions in California, and continued working with the Williams Institute at the UCLA Law School, helping to draft model state codes on marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships. 

In 2012, I was honored to serve as a Regents' Professor at the School of Public Affairs, Graduate School of Public Policy at UCLA.  My class, "Making Policy Through Legislation and Rules" met for ten weeks and provided a continuing forum for graduate and undergraduate students to consider and discuss more than thirty areas of public policy.  Each student was required to present a 25-page paper setting out a new area of public policy for adoption. 

I also continued my work with the Public Policy Institute at SMC, Planned Parenthood, and the Williams Institute.  For more details, please hit the "Kuehl Consulting" button at the left.  Get Used To It, which, for eighteen years, provided a continuous dynamic history of the evolving LGBT movement in California and in the United States, was discontinued by the City of West Hollywood.  I will gather information about where episodes may be accessed and seen and report here in the future.  I also continue, as well, to speak at meetings and conferences.

In 2013 and 2014, I continued to serve as Founding Director of the Public Policy Institute at Santa Monica College.  I am also very pleased to announce that I am running to succeed Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, who will be termed out of office at the end of this year.  My campaign is up and running and I am fundraising, contacting folks for endorsements, constantly adding content to my website as well as my Facebook page and my Twitter account (www.twitter.com/sheilakuehl, #TeamKuehl, @SheilaKuehl), and generally letting folks know why I think I would be a good choice for this seat.  If any of you wants to let me know of your support, rumors, intel or suggestions, please feel free to email me here at kuehl.website@gmail.com.  Thanx!

This site is intended to help you learn about me--my past, present and future.  
It is also a place to read essays I have written over the years on the California state budget, and contact me. Best not to use the "email Sheila" button at left, but rather to send an email to kuehl.website@gmail.com.
It has long been my intention and my privilege to spend my life in public service.  My bio shows a good deal about how I went about that, but there is still much to do.  I hope that you will enjoy the website.  Thanks for visiting. 

Budget essays:

Oliver Twist vs. Great Expectations
by Sheila Kuehl
August 18, 2013

In Charles Dickens' early and dark novel, Oliver Twist, an orphan is condemned to the poorhouse and forced to labor for an undertaker.  He escapes to London only to be recruited into a gang of child pickpockets.The book presents an unrelenting view of poverty and the social ills that come with it. Dickens' much later novel, Great Expectations, in contrast, sets out a more hopeful view of what could happen if a poor orphan got a little help, set a course for himself, and chose good over evil.  The new proposed budget presented by the Governor to the Legislature in May, after April tax revenues were tallied, generally dubbed "The May Revise", presented the same sort of choices for the Governor and the Legislature, with the choice greatly dependent on whose revenue projections would gain acceptance. READ MORE

Starve the Body to Feed the Mind?
by Sheila Kuehl
July 21, 2013

At the very end of 2011, a study was published in a British medical journal, in essence advising medical practitioners to "brush up (on their) Shakespeare" as the Broadway musical put it. According to the published study, the Bard was way ahead of his time in identifying the deep connection between the emotions roiling his characters and the physical ailments of which they complained.  READ MORE

The Tin Man and His Tin Scissors
by Sheila Kuehl
June 29, 2013

In January, as he does in the first month of every year, the Governor sent his first formal draft of the proposed 2013-14 budget to the Legislature. The general description, which, for the last several years, had begun with the term, "budget problem," began this year, tellingly, with the term "budget proposal".  It was a balanced budget, totaling $99.3 billion dollars in General Fund revenues and other available resources and $97.7 billion in General Fund.... READ MORE

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